Fishing tournaments are a crowd drawer in Los Cabos and as we turn the calendar for the month of October, we can look forward to one of the richest fishing tournaments in the world — the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Beginning 23rd of October until the 27th, all eyes in the fishing industry are focused on this high-stakes fishing tournament where the most passionate anglers from different parts of the globe converge to put their fishing skills to the ultimate test. Year after year, Cabo plays host to this exciting five-day angling extravaganza where the biggest and heaviest catch reigns supreme!

Bisbee B&B

How it all began

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament was founded by the late Bob Bisbee, Sr. (1933-2018) who is survived by his wife Aina, 58 years old and six children, some of whom currently run the family’s tournament businesses including the Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore in Buenavista (July) and the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament (also in October).

Now on its 37th year, the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has evolved from six teams with a modest cash payout of $10,000 to more than a hundred teams with millions of dollars at stake. In 2006, the fishing derby purse accumulated to a jaw-dropping $4,165,960, the largest payout in the history of sportfishing competition.

Last year’s prize winners

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament 2017 brought together a total of 120 boats to the waters of Cabo and the participants caught a total of 79 billfishes which included 54 blue malin, 14 black marlin, 10 striped marlin, and a single sailfish.

Ten Brothers

Ten Brothers got a whopping $961,518 at last year’s tournament.

From a total cash purse of $3,255,750, the largest chunk worth $961,518 was awarded to Ten Brothers (Chicago) fishing aboard the Blackfin Dream Weaver. Trailing not far behind was Team Go Deeper 60 which went home with the second biggest prize of $876,350.00 while the members of Team C-Bandit were also grinning ear to ear with their top third winnings amounting to $764,966.

The highest prestige was given to Chupacabra fishing aboard Hatteras for landing two billfish, a 356-pound black marlin and 326-pound blue marlin. The dynamic team won the championship title and the top 5th monetary prize.

Giving back to charity

The organizers behind Bisbee fishing tournaments believe that good deeds can ignite a positive impact to the community that’s why they try to give back to charity whenever they can.

The Bisbee’s International Fishing Tournament held every October has been supporting the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation since 2016 by donating money to address the critical healthcare needs of poor children in Los Cabos.

The annual Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament has donated over 25,000 lbs. of fish to Hope for Los Cabos, a non-profit organization in the last three years to help feed the less fortunate people in the area. In 2017, Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament donated over 11,000 pounds of fish which produced an estimated 33,747 meals.

What to expect this year

Before heeding the call of fishing, you can set aside your rods and reels for a while and enjoy the pre-party activities at Baja Cantina and Pub Crawl Parade on the 22nd of October. You can party as much as you want but make sure you have the energy for the following day, 23rd of October for the 3 pm – 7 pm Registration and Distribution of Team Bags in front of Puerto Paraiso Mall. The Captains Meeting where the official rules and awards will be announced is set at 7 pm – 8 pm at Puerto Paraiso Mall and followed by the formal opening ceremonies. Attendance is a must, so no excuses!

A shotgun will be shot into the air at 8:00 am on the 24th of October to signal the official start of the fishing competition which closes on the 26th of October. With big sums at stake, the drive to win among anglers is very high as they try to land the biggest fish. Black and blue marlin weighing a minimum of 300 pounds are eligible for the derby while other species like the striped marlin, sailfish and spearfish are to be released and the most number of successful releases will be given special prizes. This is an exciting time as spectators gather to witness the weighing of catches from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Weigh Station located in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall. The event will culminate on the 27th of October where the top teams will be rewarded with trophies and cash prizes.

It’s not too late to join

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament 2018 is just around the corner but you still have time to join this world-class fishing competition. Your team may enter either the Tournament Base Entry for $5,000 or the Release Division for $2,500 or both for $7,000. If your team prefers to enter the Release Division for $2,000, you are not eligible for the optional Daily Jackpots.

Go ahead and book a fishing charter in Cabo for a chance to win a tournament award and/or jackpots. Register online now and put your best angling tactics forward.

The tournament is open to all interested participants who can fulfill the tournament qualifications including the payment of entry fees and act in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Cash prizes will be given to the top five teams that garner the most billfishing weigh points in the Overall Tournament Teams and the top three teams in the Overall Tournament Jackpot. The top three captains with the biggest billfish points will also receive corresponding cash rewards.

Although this post highlights the upcoming event, please be reminded that all the official rules and awards will be distributed and announced at this year’s Captains Meeting.

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