The attention of fishing enthusiasts is focused on Cabo San Lucas this month as it plays host to some of the prominent fishing tournaments; kicking off with the annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament (LCBT) on October 14 to 18. This is a festive time as Cabo transforms from a laid-back fishing destination to a bustling community where thousands of folks gather to watch and participate in the fishing extravaganza!

Annual LCBT

Established by The Los Cabos Hotel Association and Los Cabos Tourism Board, the LCBT flourished from a simple event marketing and media program to a world-renowned three-day fishing tournament that zeroes in on ocean heavyweights like the blue, striped and black marlin, spearfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dorado. Billfish points per pound are tallied and the teams that garner the highest scores are awarded distinction and large cash prizes.

This annual angling event gave rise to the first catch/photograph/release system of billfish to help conserve billfish and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy recreational billfishing.

Last year’s victorious teams

The LCBT 2017 was highlighted by an intense spirit of competition as a total of 43 teams signed up for the ultimate challenge of landing record-worthy catches and the chance to get a meaty portion of the $534,600 prize money.  Last year’s angling event finished with 102 catches comprised of 61 blue marlin, 31 striped, six black marlin, and one short-bill spearfish.

Some of the runaway winners last year were Team Wild Hooker that seized the Daily Marlin Jackpot with a 303-pound black marlin and Team Expedition that secured the Daily Release Jackpot for their multiple marlin catch-and-releases on the first day.

The following day was equally exciting as angler Murray Wright of Reel Gold landed a 347-pound black marlin which catapulted his team to the top of the overall Team Division leaderboard.

Angler Bryce Schell shined on the last day when he grabbed the first place Tuna Daily Jackpot after landing a 146.80-pound yellowfin while fisherman Hector Rodriguez Munoz acquired the Daily Wahoo Jackpot for his 25.60-pound catch.

The championship honor was given to Team Reel Gold, headed by Captain Roberto Marquez for winning first place overall and receiving the largest payout that amounted to a skyrocketing $203,760.


Team Reel Gold, Champion of 2017 LCBT

Schedule of events of the upcoming annual LCBT

This year’s Final Registration, Captains Meeting, and Kickoff Party will take place at the beautiful Playa Grande Resort Beachside Terrace on October 14. Be reminded that rules and any changes in the tournament will be detailed at the Captains Meeting so attendance is a must! You can also ask the organizers if you have any concerns about the rules during the meeting. Food and drinks will be served at the Kickoff Party to get everyone in the spirit of fishing which will begin on October 15 and cap off on October 17. During the official fishing days, the finest anglers will engage in long hours of battle with enormous billfish for the chance to snag record-breaking catches.

The weigh-in and billfish release video check-in will be at the Marina Fundadores weigh station next to Fisherman’s Landing Restaurant and Breathless Resort. This is an exciting time for anglers as they try to bring in a fish that outweighs their contender’s catch.

The tournament will take a final bow for the year at the Gala Awards Banquet Dinner on October 18 to be held at the Playa Grande Resort Beachside Terrace. It will be an evening of celebration where the top teams and best anglers will receive accolades, big payout checks, trophies, and other great prizes for their performances in this year’s Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.

Celebrating 20 years of fishing excellence

The annual LCBT is celebrating a milestone as it marks its 20-year anniversary of promoting billfish catch and release and featuring Los Cabos, Mexico as a prime sport-fishing destination. This year’s celebration will make billfish releases a significant part of the top team standings with the use of a streamlined catch, video and release system to record and monitor every successful catch-and-release.

All anglers are welcome to participate in the upcoming tournament provided that they meet the official tournament criteria and abide by the tournament’s rules. The LCBT committee reserves the right to deny entry of any individual, organization or corporation that fails to do so.

The LCBT 2018 has three entry levels namely: (1) $5,000 base entry for up to 6-person team; (2) “TWD” – daily jackpots for the largest tuna, wahoo and dorado; and (3) “DBR” – daily billfish release jackpots. You can participate in one, two, or give it your best shot by joining all three.

The base entry amount allows you to take part in any of the Optional Weighed Marlin Jackpots namely the Tuna/Wahoo/Dorado Jackpot, Overall Billfish Release Points Jackpot, and Daily Billfish Release Jackpot.

The LCBT 2018 will also give amateur teams the chance to join any of the daily meat fish jackpot or the daily billfish release jackpot in lieu of the base entry fee.

The rules and awards mentioned in this post are still unofficial. Stay tuned to this year’s registration check-in and captains meeting for the official set of rules and regulations and the line-up of awards.

If you love being at the end of the reel where the adrenaline-pumping action is, instead of simply watching anglers bring their catch to the scales, why not take this opportunity to book a fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas to enter the annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament? You can print and fill out the online registration form and send it to Lynda Wilson, Assistant Tournament Director through any of the following:

1) Mailing Address:
Dan Jacobs, Bonnier Corporation
460 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 200
Winter Park, FL 32789
2) Email:
3) Fax: 407-637-3531

May you have a safe and rewarding fishing adventure!

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