Half-day and full-day fishing charters available

Choose a Fishing Boat from Our Fleet

Half Day Trip(5hr): $300
Capacity: 4 pax
Length: 28'

Half Day Trip (5hr): $450
Capacity: 6 pax
Length: 31'

Half Day Trip (5hr): $225
Capacity: 4 pax
Length: 28'

Book a Cabo Fishing Charter with Us!

ABY Charters provides anglers with the highest quality fishing experience in Cabo San Lucas.  We provide everything you’ll need for a highly successful day on the water. Anglers from all around the world fish with ABY Charters to experience the best fishing and hospitality Cabo has to offer.  Once you book with us, we'll take care of everything you need, you name it!

Our entire fleet of fishing vessels are always in top condition and are maintained daily. We have a wide selection of fishing boats to choose from; ranging from a Super Panga to a 56’ Hatteras. Our friendly staff in will assist you in finding the right boat for you and your companions.  All of our captains and mates are experienced anglers who are always anxious for the next strike from the target fish of the day. Our captains are fluent in English and will make sure you have a safe and amazing experience fishing off the coast of Cabo!


Cabo San Lucas Fishing Calendar

ABY Charters offer you our custom-made Fish Calendar - a collection of all of our data from our past 26 years of fishing experience along with information from other trusted fishermen that have been fishing these waters their entire lives.

We have found from our experience that this is the most accurate and most complete fish calendar out there. The schedules may vary slightly due to unforeseeable conditions, such as storms, water temperatures, and heat, but you should find it to be very accurate.

Trusted by Our Customers


ABY CHARTERS was formed in 1991 by a group of boat owners. From the beginning, ABY CHARTERS had a very unique concept; each of the members are captains, and each of them are the owners of their own ship.


Andador Dorado Módulo A1 API Building, Downtown Cabo San Lucas, BCS
From 6:00am to 9:00pm

Phone: +52 624 143 0831
Mobile: +52 624 355 3958
Toll-free: 1-866-751-35-05